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GSA & School Support Services

GSA Visits

We offer FREE GSA visits! One or more of our staff members will visit your GSA meeting. We can discuss a specific topic, help plan an event, assist in a project your GSA is working on, or play games. To get started, please fill out our GSA Survey.

GSA Consultations

We also offer free GSA consultations for teachers/advisors who are involved with their school's GSA. Set up a time to chat with us by emailing

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GSA Meetups

We currently meet quarterly on Zoom, with a joint meeting for advisors and student leaders. We discuss current events, compare school experiences, and brainstorm solutions to challenges GSAs around the state are facing.

Upcoming GSA Events:

Online GSA Meetup - Wednesday, October 18th from 3 PM - 4:30 PM

Register here to receive a Zoom link the day of the event

LGBTQIA+ Summit - Saturday, November 4th from 10 AM - 1:30 PM

In-person meetup for queer high school and middle school students at Windsor High School. Currently accepting workshop proposals until October 6th. Information about registration coming soon!

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