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Our Youth Groups

All our Social/Support Programs are youth led and facilitated with support and supervision from Q Plus staff members. They are open to middle and high school students unless otherwise specified (we can refer you to other groups if you’re outside this age range).


In-Person Programs

Hartford Black & Brown Support Group

Middletown Craft Night

Middletown Game Night

Hartford Support Group (2).png
Middletown Craft Night (1).png


Middletown Game Night (1).png

Middletown Preteen Group

Middletown Parents/Caregivers Group

New Haven Game Night

Middletown Preteen Group (2).png
Copy of ParentCaregiver Group (West Hartford).png
New Have Game Night_IG (8).png

Portland Drop-In Night

Portland Support Group

Portland Parents/Caregivers Group

Portland Drop-in Night (2).png
Portland Support Group (2).png
ParentCaregiver Group (Portland).png

Southington Youth Group

West Hartford Youth Group

West Hartford Parents/Caregivers Group

Southington Flyer.jpg
West Hartford flyer.png
West Hartford flyer Parent flyer.png

Online Social / Support Groups

You can sign up for our online groups by filling out this form!

Peer Support & Discussion Group

 Every Tuesday from 7 - 9 PM. Discussions are peer facilitated, supported by 2+ trained adult staff, and centered topics identified by members of the group.

Online Game Nights.png

Game Night

Every Thursdays from 7 - 9 PM. Game themes include tabletop role playing games (first Thursday of the month), team games, board games, and pen and paper games. 

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