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Our Youth Groups

All our Social/Support Programs are youth led and facilitated with support and supervision from Q Plus staff members. They are open youth ages 13-19 unless otherwise specified (we can refer you to other groups if you’re outside this age range).


In-Person Programs

Hartford Black & Brown Activity Group

Hartford Black & Brown Support Group

Middletown Youth Group

Hartford Black and Brown Activity Group (updated Aug 2023) (2).png
Hartford Black and Brown Support Group (updated Aug 2023) (3).png
Middletown Youth Group (1).png

Middletown Preteen Group

Middletown Parents/Caregivers Group

New Haven Game Space

Middletown Preteen Group (2023 update) (3).png
ParentCaregiver Group (Middletown) (updated 82023).png
New Have Game Space_IG (1).png

Portland Drop-In Night

Portland Support Group

Portland Parents/Caregivers Group

Portland Drop-in Night (7).png
Portland Support Group (7).png
ParentCaregiver Group (Portland) (2).png

Southington Youth Group

West Hartford Youth Group

West Hartford Preteen Group

Southington Group (Updated 0923).png
WeHa Youth Group (updated August 2023).png
WeHa Preteen Group (1).png

West Hartford Parents/Caregivers Group

Wethersfield Preteen Group

Wethersfield Parents/Caregivers Group

ParentCaregiver Group (West Hartford) (updated August 2023).png
Wethersfield CREC Preteen Group (1).png
Support Group Caregivers Wethersfield CREC  (1).png

Online Social / Support Groups

You can sign up for our online groups by filling out this form!

ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP (updated 82023).png

Peer Support & Discussion Group

 Every Tuesday from 7 - 8:30 PM. Discussions are peer facilitated, supported by 2+ trained adult staff, and centered topics identified by members of the group.

Online Activity Night (updated Sept 2023).png

Activity Night

Every Thursdays from 7 - 8:30 PM. Play online games, watch tv shows, and participate in other activities! RPG night is the second Thursday of every month.  

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