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Welcome to Q Plus!

We provide safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ+ youth to feel empowered and uplifted!

Our Story

Q Plus started as a grassroots, community based, youth led, volunteer run organization with the goal of filling gaps we saw in queer youth programming across Connecticut. We started running events with a queer youth open mic in May 2019. In March of 2022, we officially received our 501(c)3 status from the IRS. We've continued to expand our programming to include weekly youth groups in towns across the state, along with hosting Open Mics, Summer Camps, and providing school support and GSA services.



We've only listed our special events below, such as theme nights, open mics, GSA meetups, and more. To see our weekly and monthly groups, please visit our Calendar.

Our Mission

We work to create more youth accessible spaces, uplift youth voices, and empower queer youth. Our overall goal is to create space for queer youth to be authentically and entirely themselves. Every event and program we support is born of a need identified by queer young people, rather than suggested by adults. Our plan is to continue changing and evolving as the needs of queer youth continue to change and evolve.

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